Three Things Thursday #33 - What do you desire?

    Yup yup, it's that time again!!!  I know you've been blasted with my emails earlier this week, but I gotta keep the three things train runnin'!

    Before we get to the things, a few other things:

    1. Artwork is in progress - I'm a little slower at completing the art, so I'm hoping to mail them out on Monday.
    2. Got another blog writeup!!! 

    Okay, now for your regularly scheduled things.

    "Steve Says" - Your Daily Dose of Davit

    I've started a new thing on Instagram (@stevedavitmusic).  It's part of my "story" - I basically talk briefly (ish) about a topic that relates to being the best version of yourself.  This week has been about Grit and how to cultivate it.  

    (if you've watched my stories, then feel free to skip ahead)

    Basically, effort counts twice when you're trying to master something.  So if you're inherently talented at a thing, you need to put in effort to build your skill and achieve things.  And if you're not inherently talented, that's fine, just work your butt off and you'll excel!

    Then you gotta start with passion - it's your guiding compass for life, so make sure you really are passionate.

    Then you gotta practice - which is much easier to do if you're passionate about what you're doing.

    The next two things you need will be my episodes for later today and Friday, so stay tuned!!

    Saxy Saturdays

    I'm working on another new thing (you're the first to know about it!)

    I want to record a short groove and improvise over it every Saturday.  I'll probably dance, too.

    Not sure how I'll post those just yet.  Perhaps YouTube, perhaps Facebook, perhaps everything I can put it on, perhaps live streamed.  You'll find out Saturday!

    Devious Distractions

    With the release of my single comes all of the social media promotions and such.  I enjoy connecting with people who like my music and I enjoy seeing all the little heart and thumbs up icons... but most of that stuff is just a distraction.

    My main goal - make good music! (and share it with people like you)

    Social media is addicting by design.  We can't escape it without effort.

    I noticed a significant dip in my productivity as I kept shifting my attention from what I was working on to all the little notifications (or just the desire to see how many new people liked the track)

    All that stuff is just a vanity metric - it makes you feel good, but it doesn't really mean much in the long term.  Connecting with fans like you is extremely important to me, so I'm working on finding the right balance of engaging with social media and locking my phone in a drawer while I work on the important stuff (like new music and that Steve art I still need to finish...)

    The guys from "The Tools" actually have a mental tool that helps fight urges like looking at social media for external validation.

    Tool: The Black Sun
    Higher Force: Forward Motion

    1. Deprivation: Feel the deprivation of not getting what you want, as intensely as possible. Then let go of the thing you want. Forget about the outside world as a source of anything that will fill you up inside; let it disappear.
    2. Emptiness: Look inside yourself. What was a feeling of deprivation is now an endless void. Face it. Remain calm and still.
    3. Fullness: From the depths of the void, imagine a Black Sun ascends, expanding inside until you become one with its warm, limitless energy.
    4. Giving: Redirect your attention to the outside world. The Black Sun energy will overflow, surging out of you. As it enters the world, it becomes a pure, white light of infinite giving.

    "Use this tool at the moment Part X floods you with any kind of self-defeating urge—to reach for ice cream or potato chips, check your email, lose your temper, etc. Used repeatedly, this tool will train you to stop giving in to these impulses and turn inward instead.

    Most of the time we're not indulging our impulses; we're looking forward to the moment we will give in, like having that drink or or smoking a joint at the end of the day. Use the Black Sun the moment you feel yourself slipping into one of these fantasies."

    Part X is Phil and Barry's name for that part of you that wants to self destruct and give in to basic desires.  It's a part of us that's never going away, but luckily the Tools, when used frequently, make Part X a lot easier to manage.

    I've use this tool sooo much.  I begin my days with it, since the desire to check email or Instagram or texts is extremely high, but I just want to get to work.

    Give it a whirl, or two, or three.  I'm planning on using it more and more frequently throughout the day (especially at night when my willpower is depleted...)

    Well, that's all the things I've got for today.

    Enjoy your Thursday!  Make it a good one!



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