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"I'd been like, 'Hey, could you just, like, improvise a bunch of stuff, record it and send it to me so I can chop it up?' … He's mostly involved in the live part of [Marian Hill], but he's also a seriously dope sample guy. People love Steve."  
    ~Jeremy Lloyd (Rolling Stone interview)

Touring the world as the "saxiest man in town" with electronic R&B duo Marian Hill has been Steve Davit’s life for the past four years.  From late night tv shows to club gigs in Europe, festival main stages to a packed auditoriums opening for Alt-J, you'll find Steve grooving, dancing and wailing on his horn. And while the road and the stage are Steve's natural habitat, Forward takes a look at what happens when you put Steve in the studio.  Steve's saxy sound comes from a blend of growls, dirty riffs, and buttery smooth tones with funky hip-hop beats to back it up.