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Apsis is my first real exploration into combining live musicians with digital music.  It's main influences are Steve Reich and Medeski Martin and Wood.  I wanted to incorporate minimalism with jazz and funk - a new style I continue to evolve.  There is also an strong improvised element in Apsis.  Some songs have more traditional jazz-solo elements, such as Three Streams and SPVD.  Improv #4 is a part of a series recorded with Steve and Jake where entire pieces are improvised.  Other songs have more subtle aspects of improvisation.  Much of the background aspects in South Tree Ridge are improvised, along with all of Billy's incredible drumming. Variations on a Mosaic is also improvised around a number of themes I created.  The title track Apsis is actually the only piece that is completely composed.

A special thank you to all of the musicians on this album - some of the things I write tend to be quite difficult. And a very special thank you to Eric and Clark for their stellar work recording a majority of the album.